News, totally reimagined.

Verified news + information told through illustrative, short videos formatted for social streamers.


The Numbers Fuel Our Mission.

On average people spend 43.5 hours a week streaming social and online videos. They spend less than 1 hour a week consuming news across all formats.


of a message is retained when watched, compared to 10% if read.


of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices.


of people turn to videos to be informed before making a decision.

Our Mission

To inform while entertaining.

Imagine a thrilling docudrama with weekly episodes based on real time events. Imagine music that informs, game shows that challenge, and riveting stories meant for binging, all that leave you accurately informed about the world around you.

  • Short-videos
  • Episodic Series
  • Talkshows
  • Podcasts
  • Gameshows
  • Music Videos


We strive for accuracy in the key facts communicated. Although the portrayal of events may involve actors and CGI, the events and facts involved require verification by 3 sources.


Every video has a transparency section, showing the reliability of what is being shown, the news outlets from which information was obtained, and the parties involved.


All content is made to
PG & PG-13 guidelines.

Our Studio

All stories welcome

For the family down the street, or the big corporation down town, any real story can be told on Streamlly.


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One platform, many places to watch.


This is
a startup.

Here are 5 things you should know.

Got questions?

Streamlly is free to watch. There is no subscription or account required to watch. It is free to watch, on any device, everywhere.

There are no ads on Streamlly, in the videos, or on the platform. This means you can watch without interruption and distraction.

Streamlly is a 100% cash bootstrapped news/media startup. Remaining cash funded provides freedom to inform without compromise.

Streamlly was founded by and is currently led by Alecia Venkataraman. If her name didn't give it away, she is a biracial Indian American woman. She is passionate about informing through video, and providing a vehicle for stories to be told.

Streamlly does not compete with nor does it aim to be a substitute for traditional news. Streamlly often works with news organizations and reporters to present information to viewers who might not consume news through traditional formats.